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Pre-marital, marriage, family and substance abuse counseling.
Contact Pastor Gerald A. Johnson  for information and to schedule an appointment.


Ministry Classes

Ministry classes are offered every Sunday but the classes offered changes from time to time, so check back frequently to see an updated list.

Biblical classes

Foundations class

2/7/15 every 5 weeks

New Testament class

March 13th- April 17th

Old Testament class

April 24-May 29

Church history class

June 5- July 3rd

Gifts of the spirit class

July 10th – August 7th

Prophecy class

Aug13-sept 11

Worship class

Sept 18th- October 16

Intercessors class

Sept 23- November 20th

Life classes

Monthly new members plugged in class

Last Sat of every month

Path class young adults

 Jan 15 – March 4th

Men’s class Wild at Heart

March 13- April 17th

The Prosperous Soul

April 24-May 29

Home Makers Mom’s class

June 5- July 3rd

Recovery class

July 10th – August 7th

Financial responsibility

Aug13-Sept 11

Fresh Start – life after divorce

Sept 18th- October 16

Tech Savvy class

Sept 23- November 20th

Youth class

Every Sunday 9am

Ministers classes

Leadership class

November 1-Jan 10

Ministerial classes

March 13- April 17

Prophecy 2

April 24-May 29

Evangelism class

June 5- July 3rd

Missions class

July 10th – August 7th